Friday, 6 July 2012

Sewing Room - where it all happens

I'm working 12 days straight at the moment.  And they are long days so no sewing going on. So I thought I would show you where all the sewing takes place.  Some of these photos are from when I first made the cutting table, so it is a lot more crowded with stuff now. I think people who sew can not help buying fabric for that next project when they haven't finished the last one.

 I am lucky enough to have 3 machines, the first one I do most sewing on, second one usually is set up with cream cotton (when I am doing dolls, it is easier to jump between machines), the next has a ruffler foot on it (the foot is new and I am yet to master it) and then it's my over locker. 
 The cutting table is a door, put on top of high shelves - so you don't have to bend over.  Also this gave me lots of storage room.  Though all the shelves are filled up now and I am searching for more
 As you can see these shelves are a lot fuller now,  I use trays to put my sewing in.  There is one on the table. I have 8 of these and it is great when you have a few things cut out.  
 This is the end of the cutting table
 And under the table.  It is all full now.
 Nice big cupboard for more storage
 Cottons and containers of embellishments
 More fabric shelves, the drawers house all my laces, bias binding, velcro, elastic,and heaps  of other things
 Ironing board and little board for dolls clothes. These shelves are overflowing, there is even fabric under the ironing board
These are the decals on the wall above the ironing board
 Sign on the sewing room door
And my new labels arrived today, Yay!

Till next time

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